Okay. This whole phrase-a-day idea was a great one, but it is admittedly quite challenging to keep up with, as evidenced by the fact that my phrases are still coming from March.

So! I’ve decided that instead of sacrificing quality, integrity, and vast quantities of sleep, I’m going to put the project on hold until next year. It will be reborn, not as a daily phrase, but as a weekly phrase. This will allow me to compile overheard phrases throughout the week (which will hopefully lower the dud rate), as well as give me the time to actually do a good job illustrating them (also hopefully lowering the dud rate).

Bigger! Better! Phrasier! That’s the plan. So, unless the Mayans are right, I’ll see you again in 2013. Until then, I’ll be posting the pencil sketches I’ve done for all the phrases that haven’t made it to the blog yet.



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